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The Diary Of A Social Media and Web Intern – 1st month

Hello everyone! My name’s Marie and I am one of the three social media interns here at Ben Uri Gallery. I have come straight from university where I studied Creative Writing and Journalism, and this was my first internship. Like most graduates, I was slightly wary about undertaking an unpaid internship, but the amount I am learning, the responsibility I am given and the effort that Ben Uri has put into developing me and my career is more than making up for the lack of a salary.

The new exhibition featured in the Financial Times!

The new exhibition featured in the Financial Times!

My first month here at Ben Uri has been a whirlwind of activity. We three social media interns started just as Ben Uri was both moving offices and opening a new exhibition. As social media and web interns, we are expected to be in control of the gallery’s Facebook and Twitter accounts, and help to promote and publicise the gallery and its events as well as engaging with our audience and seeking to grow new audiences. This involves a lot of research, a lot of brainstorming for new ideas, and a lot of organisation among our social media intern team, as well as constantly communicating with the other members of staff across the gallery’s various departments. The web part of my internship involves helping update BU’s website, which currently includes tasks such as uploading artwork that we have the copyrights for, and updating the event and exhibition pages.

Over this first month I have been getting to grips with Ben Uri’s social media accounts. One thing I have learnt is how you must be very careful when choosing what to tweet or update Facebook about. Having used social media so casually for my personal use, it’s very interesting to use social media from a gallery’s perspective, where you have to be very aware of copyright issues and making sure your tweets and Facebook posts have been checked for errors by members of the learning and curatorial teams. It has been very enjoyable to be here as BU opens its new exhibition, Boris Aronson and the Avant-Garde Theatre, and to help promote it.

We have also participated in the ‘Intern Development Day’. One of my favourite parts of the internship at Ben Uri is the Intern Development Programme they have in place. It was great to meet the other interns from across the gallery and bounce ideas off of each other for our Intern Personal Projects, as well as talk about our future careers.

The opening of the Aronson exhibition

The opening of the Aronson exhibition

I and the rest of the social media team are planning many exciting things for the next three months of our internship: we are creating themed hashtag days on Twitter, planning to develop this blog, and thinking about organising some events based around the Boris Aronson exhibition. We are also hoping to get in contact with social media teams from other galleries to discuss their marketing strategies.

By Marie Phelps

Portrait of a Girl Reading by Clara Klinghoffer is a painting within the Ben Uri collection. As a Journalism and Creative Writing graduate, I’ve been learning a lot about art while I’ve been here.  This is one of my favourite pieces from the Ben Uri collection. To see more of our collection visit:



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